For the past year I've been offering my personal help and advice for writers of all ages, backgrounds, styles, and purposes. From high schoolers working on college essays and applications, to international writers working on their life's memoir, or to the poet next door who wants to submit to their first literary journal. I've worked with Black Lawrence Press as a professional consultant, and also use my expertise as an Assistant Poetry Editor at AGNI magazine, a top-20 literary journal at Boston University.

I've had writers publish their chapbooks, individual poems, and gain acceptances in colleges like Stanford, after working with them and offering my insights as a writer, journalist, and former high school teacher turned college prof.


Send me some of your work by contacting me at agchazaro@gmail.com, I love working with new voices!!


High School + College Writing: $50/hour

Individual poem: $15

Up to 3 poems: $25

Chapbook: $85

Full-length: $170



"It’s not difficult to see that Alan Chazaro is an insightful and talented poet. Alan also is an exceptional editor/advisor/coach/teacher/supporter. I came to try my hand at poetry as an old man and turned to this young man for a truthful, professional and contemporary review. He did not disappoint. His feedback was direct and encouraging in both an academic and emotional way. Most importantly his comments are always actionable and improve the work."

-Pasquale Trozzolo is a Kansas-based writer and author of Before the Distance, a chapbook that he sent me as an early draft and which was selected for publication shortly after. It's his first book! Check out his work and his words.

"Alan's creative writing class was very influential in my development as a young person. The environment of vulnerability and introspection that he created was truly unique. It inspired me to search inward when committing my experiences to writing."

-Anthony Nuñez is an LA-based high schooler who is interested in pursuing robotics and developing moral guidelines for artificial intelligence

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