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Emerging as Poet Seminar (free)

November 17, 2020

The inimitable homegirl, PhD candidate, and Cincinnati-based poet, Taylor Byas and I are teaming up to provide a FREE one-day seminar on the innerworkings of being published, attending higher ed for poetry/writing, and giving guidance to any emerging poets who want to learn more about what it's like to write (and eventually publish) a book of any length. Hit us up and drop in, or send a poet our way. Register with this link:

High Country News Book List

January 01, 2020

Gotta shout out my wife because she's way more astute than I am and always sends me stuff that I miss. She just texted me this link one night and as I was scrolling through reading it, I saw that my book was listed as a poetry title they most love in 2020. Word word word, I appreciate that!

Bridge of Fire (UK Poetry Reading)

November 07, 2020

I've read poems in Mexico before, but besides that this is my first time doing an international event that I was invited to by the wonderful Dr. Nathalie Teitler. Such a dope experience, reading with Black poets from the UK and Latinx poetas from the States. The goal of the event and program is the bring together voices from both sides of the pond who are speaking on Black and Brown identities. Keep an eye out on this org and follow what they're doing to unite POC artists across the Atlantic. Coolest part (besides that they paid me in British Pounds and treated us like royalty) was that I had a front row seat to the amazing reading line up:







Karla Cordero


& Celeste Ramos

Poets & Writers Page One Feature

September 01, 2020

This one was crazy since I was featured on the first page of a magazine I used to read as an undergrad, when I could only imagine what it would be like to write a book someday. Not only that, but my book was showcased alongside writers I've read, admired, taught, and even studied under, including Claudia Rankine, Yaa Gyasi, and Barbara Jane Reyes. Definitely feels surreal to be in a national magazine like that.

USF Adjuncting + Thesis Advisor

June 29, 2020

Big love to my mentor DA Powell for recommending me to work at the University of San Francisco as a graduate thesis advisor and adjunct in the MFA Poetry program. Will be guiding grad writers who are creating their manuscripts in poetry, definitely excited, especially as a first generation Mexican American male, since I never had a professor who looked like me at this level of academia. Gonna make sure that I'm not the only one.

HeadFake Launch

April 15, 2020

Decided to launch an NBA-based online zine about culture, race, social commentary, world politics, and identity. Teaming up with a homie in Spain (Antonio Losada) who is an artist and sports writer to create this platform for other writers -- especially POC and marginalized voices -- to share their perspectives and love for the game of basketball. Check us out on and follow us on Medium!

Podcast Guest to Talk about My NBA Fundraiser

January 01, 2020

Hopped on the "Light Years" basketball podcast to talk about my new poetry project (Mid 90s Kamikaze), disrespectful dunk, sneakers, and how we can help NBA arena workers affected by COVID. Shout out to the hosts, Sam and Andy, who run my favorite pod about the Golden State Warriors and helped me get the word out. Check it out here:

Joining AGNI Magazine as Editor

March 01, 2020

Will be joining Boston University's well-respected poetry journal, AGNI, as a assistant poetry editor!! Send your poems, we are accepting submissions to include in the print versions. Breaking into this literary game.

Kicking it with Sandra Cisneros and her chihuahuas in Mexico

February 13, 2020

Out of all the hella unpredictable things that happened in Mexico, I got to hang out in Sandra Cisneros's house and talk poetry, chihuahuas, life, share some drinks, and feel like I was a character in one of her colorful books. One of the sweetest, funniest and creative people I've ever been around. And she read my book too, haha. (Maui, one out of her four dogs and the one in this photo, was my favorite lol). Also got to sell some books and read my work on the road there while visiting San Miguel de Allende, big literary and expat community, check them out during their literary festival every February.

Pocho Boy Meets World Debut

October 17, 2019

I quit my teaching job to travel around South America and Mexico for the next year and will be commissioned to write a Latinx poetry column with Palette. My journey will start in Chile, then go through Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, and different regions of Mexico. Follow my travels, literary adventures, and journey to discover more about the poets who live in our neighboring American nations. Will be updated monthly depending on where I'm at.

This Is Not a Frank Ocean Cover Album Cover Art

April 29, 2019

One of my amazingly talented 10th grade students, Iselle Kim, created the cover for my poetry chapbook. She is honestly one of the coolest, most hardworking, analytical students I've ever had the honor of teaching in my nine years, and I'm so grateful for her involvement in this process for my debut. Look out for her in a few years when she's a bomb artist making waves in the world.

Heart of Oakland

April 26, 2019

Humbled as ever to be invited to share the stage in Oakland's historic Fox Theater with my students and other artists to raise money for funding our school's mission at Oakland School for the Arts. Donate, support, show some love. The school is an amazing space for young, talented, motivated Bay Area students who practice all forms of artistic and academic expression, but sadly, is underfunded and in need of any financial boosting. If nothing else, spread the word to your people. I'll be reading a poem with five of my Latino students who I've taught over the past two years -- two are actors, two are vocalists and one is an audio production engineer.

Flor Y Canto Literary Festival Reading

April 11, 2019

Excited that I was invited to be a part of this reading in the Mission. Will be sharing about what it means to "run" as the son of immigrants, and will be reading with a group of up and coming San Francisco poets. Check us out at Mission Skateboards (3045 24th St). The poster artwork was created by East Bay artist, poet, and activist, L7 -- check him out on Facebook under the name Tochtli Xochitl.

BAMPFA Poetry Reading (Acentos Review 10 Year Anniversary)

April 06, 2019

Curated by the amazing Raina Leon, some of the strongest voices in the Bay Area Latinx community will be sharing their work inside the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archives. And I'll happen to be there alongside them. Check out Acentos Review, which is one of the longest standing and reputable Latinx literary journals in the country:


October 09, 2018

The moment I've been waiting for since I was a boy and knew that words were something I wanted to commit my life to, whether through graffiti, rap, and eventually essays and poetry. There isn't a way to describe this other than I imagine it's what a kid must feel like who has always wanted to be a basketball player then finally gets drafted into the NBA. Only difference is I'm not freakishly athletic and am not going to be famous and making hundreds of thousands of dollars BUT the hustle, sweat, and YEARS of patience and building myself up for this has finally paid off by getting me this sort of professional recognition. Big THANK YOU to Black Lawrence Press for taking my first full-length book, titled Piñata Theory, and also for taking my smaller chapbook in a previous competition this year. That makes two books coming out in the next two years (Sep. 2019 and Sep. 2020) with BLP. Biggest thanks to those who have worked close to me and supported me throughout the making of these books, especially my wife Bri, my classmates and professors at USF, Cal, and Foothill, and my grandparents in both Mexico and US who aren't all still here but live on in these poems. Truly truly honored. I still have a lot to give and more poetry projects being developed/almost done so hopefully this is the beginning *insert praying hands emoji here*. Peace!!

San Francisco Chronicle Feature

October 07, 2018

BIG shout out to David Roderick, a Boston-bred and Bay Area-based poet/educator/scrappy basketball pick-up gamer who always shows love and support for local writers. He wrote a piece about me and featured my new poem in last week's edition of the legendary San Francisco Chronicle. David runs an amazing series called "State Lines" which showcases California writers and their words, so keep an eye out for that. Some of my favorite established and up-and-coming poets (including Javier Zamora and Chiyuma Elliott) have been featured here so I feel blessed to get this recognition. Also, show David some support by checking out his work and snagging one of his poetry books at LONG LIVE CALIFORNIA WRITERS.

Black Lawrence Press Spring 2018 Black River Chapbook Competition WINNER!!

September 10, 2018

I was equally shocked and humbled to find out that my short collection of poems, This Is Not a Frank Ocean Cover Album, was selected as the winner of the Black Lawrence Press Spring 2018 Black River Chapbook Competition. So much work has gone into this moment and I am extremely grateful for this press believing in my work and giving me the chance to share my poetry with a larger audience. BLP is based out of upstate New York and has put out so many talented writers, like Sam Sax, Dean Rader, and Kristin Chang, so I am hella excited to be a part of this group and to keep pushing my poems out to whoever wants it. The book is coming out in September 2019, so I'll send the word when you can order. Much love.

Garage Room Poetry

April 07, 2017

Literally using my cousin's garage space in the Sunset of San Francisco to read poems with some USF classmates, featuring guest poet, Kazumi Chin. He's an East Bay dude who just dropped his debut book of poems, Having a Coke with Godzilla. Support him by copping the book here:

Huizache Pachanga

March 03, 2017

Norma Liliana Valdez is an inspiring educator and poet from San Pablo, CA. She put together this event for Bay Area Huizacheros to read at Tertulia Coffee and Art Gallery on Telegraph Ave. Side plug: check out the Oakland School for the Arts high school students' artwork here. Damn.

Crossroads Poetry Reading in OAK

February 28, 2017

Shout out to Suzy Huerta, a mentor of mine from my community college days at Foothill. She hosts this dope space in Oakland for writers with Bay Area roots. Every last Tuesday of the month.

YouthBuild Just-A-Start

November 02, 2016

Came across this article about a high school class I taught back in 2013. Miss those students and the space we created.

Litquake Reading in SF

October 15, 2016

Doing a reading with some of my MFA familia at USF. Come through!

2016 AWP Intro Journal Award

April 21, 2016

Shout out to Tyhemba Jess for selecting my poem as a winner in the national AWP Intro Journal contest for poetry!

East Meets West Bookstore Reading in Cambridge, MA.

March 30, 2015

Super cool bookstore in Cambridge, MA. Always doing fun events here (including Beat Box Battles) so check it out if you're in Boston. Literally one of my favorite places I discovered after living four years in that freezer box.

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