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"Alan Chazaro Reads from Piñata Theory" in Poets & Writers

"Piñata Theory & Poetic Possibility" in Invisible City

"Blonde’ Vibrations: A Conversation with Alan Chazaro" in The Adroit Journal

"Hispanic Heritage Month is over and these 15 books by Latinos are still great" in NBC News

"A Review of Alan Chazaro's This Is Not a Frank Ocean Cover Album" in Jet Fuel Review

"Mini-Interview Project #196: Alan Chazaro" in The Rumpus

"Breaking Bread and Busting Machismo" in Rightnowish (KQED)

"Writers on Writing, Vol. 5: Alan Chazaro" in Left Margin Lit


"What the Alien Tried Saying in a Language He Does Not Speak" in Rust + Moth

"On Being Evicted from Earth" & "Alternate Universe Ending #2" in Empty Mirror

"What Scientists Know About Black Holes" in Alien Magazine

"16 Reasons Why a DACA Dreamer Will Be the First Person to Build a Do-It-Yourself Spaceship from Simple Materials" in Kissing Dynamite

"Post-Apocalyptic Pastoral at Lake Merritt, Oakland" in Crab Fat Magazine

"Body Language" in San Francisco Chronicle


"Pocho Boy Meets World" travel column in Palette

"As California Burns, People’s Market Makes Room for Everyone" in LEVEL

"San Francisco’s Honey Bears: Harmlessly Cute, or Symbols of Gentrification?" in The Bold Italic

"1,000 Murals: In Oakland, Revolutions Told Through Street Art" in The Bold Italic

"Borderless Futures: How Juan Toscano Represents Mexico, the NBA, and Hope for the Bay Area" in HeadFake

"Why Men of Color Like Me Are Leaving the Classroom" in The Bold Italic

"Murals, Favelas, and Gentrification in São Paulo" in ONEPIN


"What Mac Dre and Other Bay Area Rappers Taught Me About Masculinity" in The Bold Italic

"How Argentina’s SinFiltro Uses '90s Cartoons to Reimagine His City" in Medium

"Goodbye, Oakland: An Ode & Elegy" in LEVEL

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