Published Work


"Reading Autobiographies" in Huizache: The Magazine of Latino Literature (Fall 2016, Issue 6)

"Julio César Chavez vs. Oscar De La Hoya, 1996" and "Lesson on Manhood" in After Happy Hour Review (Fall 2016, Issue 6)

"One Way Street in Xalapa" in BorderSenses (Spring 2017)

"Throw Away the Cowboy Shirts" in Iron Horse Review (Summer 2017)

"How Low Riders Became Illegal" in Bateau Press (Fall 2016, Issue 6.1)

"Impossible Memory" in Pilgrimage Magazine (Spring 2017)

"Veracruz" in The Cortland Review (November 2016, Issue 73)

"Google Searching Mexico", "Leaving Footprints on Waterfalls" and "Piñata Theory #2" in Gargoyle Magazine (September 2017)

"Neighborhood Watch" in Juked (January 2017)

"Before Being Deported" in Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review (2016, Issue 45)

"An Inventory of Cultural Fragments" and "Ode to Kendrick Lamar" in Public Pool (September 2016)

"Backyard Boxing" in The Packingtown Review (Spring 2017)

"Piñata Theory" and "Piñata Theory #2 1/2" in Otis Nebula (Winter 2016, Issue 12)

"Photo for My Unborn Child" in decomP magazinE (December 2016)

"Dear Neighbor," in The East Bay Review (March 2017)

"Abuelo's Example" in The Acentos Review (November 2016)

“Some of Our Boyhoods”, “Game” and “Piñata Theory #3” in Drunk In A Midnight Choir (December 2016)

“Sestina as Soundscape” in minnesota review (Fall 2017, Issue 89)

“Self-Portrait as American, 2016” in Rise Up Review (December 2016)

“If Colin Kaepernick Was Poet Instead of Quarterback” in Louisville Review (Spring/Summer 2017)

“If Police Shootings Could Be Challenged like NFL Plays” in five80split (Spring 2017)

"Bricks" and "Pretty" in Split Lip Magazine (Spring 2017)

"The Moon's Tirade" and "Remembrance" in Hotel Amerika (Spring 2018, Vol. 16)

"Ode to Mangos" and "Remembrance" in aaduna (Spring 2017)

"Border Semantics", "Crossing", "Elegy for Francisco X. Alarcon", "Elegy for Phife Dawg" in Radius (Spring 2017)

"Speech Cantos" in Matter: A Journal of Political Poetry (Issue 20)

"Hunger, or What I Should've Told Grandma When She Declared We Lived in the Ghetto" in Frontier Poetry (March 2018)

"Duke Nukem’s Peacekeeper .45 Talks Back, in Non-Heroic Couplets" and "As an Adult, I Learn About Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City " in Cartridge Lit (September 2018)